The career and life choices I have made so far were marked by several interconnected strands: A love of dance and art, a quest to understand how we relate to, connect with, and navigate our worlds, the desire to have as much of a positive impact as possible, as well as the wish to live as a global (or universal) citizen. Last but not least, I wanted to keep discovering until I die.

They led me to dance from the age of five, to become vegetarian as an adolescent, to join the then entirely new, international Jacobs University where I could focus on Integrated Social and Cognitive Psychology while taking courses across fields and contributing to shaping the university. They sparked a curiosity in yoga, meditation, attention, and other forms of movement, which I explored from a scientific and a practitioner’s perspective. Yes, I did end up studying Fine Art for a while, but also gathered experiences in political communication, as an e-campaigner, and scientific consultant at the communications department of an international NGO. The idealist wanting to have a positive impact struck.

My PhD examined the basic cognitive effects of obstacles—specifically, whether and when they lead us to mentally step back, look at the bigger picture, and make us more creative. Other work focused on the links between adversity, attention, and value as well as on people’s responses to uncertainty. Along the way, I taught Social Cognition, Motivation and Cognition, Economic and Consumer Behavior, Solidarity, and the Psychology of Globalization—a topic I introduced to the Politics, Psychology, Law, and Economics (PPLE) program at the University of Amsterdam.

With all this and significant life events, I ultimately took a step back to look at the bigger picture of what I wanted to be doing—or better, many steps back, forward, and back again—as well as to read, focus on health, reconnect with family, explore the startup world, and work on personal projects. I am still involved in scientific collaborations, but also consult companies and organisations that care about the future and aim to tackle global challenges. If you are interested in collaborating, drop me a line!


Creative Behavioural Science | Science Consulting, Branding, Writing, Volunteering | NGOs, startups, architects, designers

Leiden University | Lecturer, Tutor, Supervisor | Economic & Consumer Psychology, Social & Organisational Psychology

University of Amsterdam | Assistant Professor, Lecturer, Tutor, Supervisor, Junior Researcher | Social Psychology, Work & Organisational Psychology, and PPLE

Jacobs University Bremen | Research Associate, Student Research Assistant | Social Cognition, Social Science, Mass Media 

Helios Media Berlin | Internship | Political Communication


University of Amsterdam | PhD, Social Psychology, cum laude

VU University Amsterdam | MSc, Social Psychology: The Regulation of Social Behaviour, cum laude

Columbia University | Visiting Scholar, Social Psychology/Motivation Science

Jacobs University Bremen | BA, Transdisciplinary/Major: Integrated Social and Cognitive Psychology

University of Queensland | Study Semester, Transdisciplinary/Major: Psychology

Gerrit Rietveld Academy | BA (first year, DOG-time), Fine Art

Mind and Life Summer Research Institute | One-week research institute to promote the dialogue between Western science and contemplative practices

European Summer Institute of Political Psychology | Warsaw, Poland, Track: Emotion, Cognition, and Functioning in Western Democracies 


Various forms of dance and meditation-related movement practices (e.g., ballet, capoeira, oriental dance, yoga)

Yoga teacher trainings at Yogaworks New York (200+ hrs) and Svahayoga Amsterdam (500+ hrs), taught in 2006/07 and 2010/11